How to choose silica gel mobile phone cover?

2021-09-27 18:06:16

The silicone case has become an essential mobile phone accessory for people, because it is beautiful and can play a protective role. In the current market, organic silicone mobile phone cases are divided into four categories: silicone mobile phone cases, leather cases, TPU and so on. 

However, the silicone case is currently one of the most popular cases because of its soft and textured feel. So what problems should we pay attention to when customizing silica gel mobile phone cases?Haotian silica gel adopts multi-color integrated molding process to customize the silica gel mobile phone case for customers for a long time, so it summarizes the three points for your reference 

-First point: smell, have pungent smell of silicone phone cover do not choose. 

-Second point: look, see if the material is real, is worth the price. 

-Third point: touch, feel good and soft for high quality silicone mobile phone cover, inferior feel hard. The above three points are the distinction between the quality of silica gel mobile phone cover, and I hope the majority of users can distinguish clearly. 

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