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Silicone bib


Product category: Bib / Bib

Applicable gender: neutral / both sexes

Fabric: silicone

Ingredient: silica gel

Applicable age: baby clothes (0-1 years old), children's clothes (1-3 years old), children's clothes (4-6 years old)

Function: waterproof and dirt proof


Silicone Material Product features:

High temperature: applicable temperature range - 40 to 230 ℃, can be used in microwave oven and oven

Easy to clean: silica gel products produced by silica gel can be cleaned by washing with clean water or in dishwasher

Long life: the chemical property of silica gel is very stable, and the product has longer life than other materials

Soft and comfortable: thanks to the softness of silicone material, cake mold products feel comfortable, very flexible, no deformation

Color diversity: according to the needs of customers, the deployment of different beautiful colors

Environment friendly and nontoxic: no toxic and harmful substances are produced from raw materials to finished products

Low temperature resistance: the critical temperature of ordinary rubber is from - 20 ℃ to - 30 ℃, while silicone rubber still has good elasticity from - 60 ℃ to - 70 ℃. Some silicone rubber with special formula can withstand extremely low temperature, such as low temperature sealing ring.

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